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Whole Body Donor Program of NYITCOM

Donation of one’s whole body for medical education is a generous gift, one that becomes the “first patient” for most physicians. Medical professionals need first-hand experience with the human body to best prepare them for their career because textbooks and simulations, although helpful, cannot convey the true complexity and variation of the human body. Your gift will make a difference, not just for the future doctors that learn from your body but also for all of their patients. Now is the time to ensure you leave a legacy that promotes happiness, healing, and well-being, as well as alleviates suffering, for so many.

How can I donate?

First, you will need to fill out the donation form, and we will contact you as soon as it is received. We will discuss any questions or concerns you might have, and then we will send additional instructions and forms to finalize your intent to donate.

Please give a copy of these additional forms to a relative, friend, or lawyer, and return a copy to us. You will also receive a donor card, which you should fill out and keep with you. We also suggest that you discuss your wishes with your healthcare providers, friends, and family, so that they are aware of your generous donation. This is an important decision, and in our experience, now is the time to make everyone comfortable with your donation. Before accepting your body, we will contact the family member, friend, or other individual you identified on your paperwork to be certain that all information is still accurate.


What is going to be done to my body?

Whole body donations at NYIT are dissected in our anatomy lab to teach human anatomy to diverse medical professionals, including students in the College of Osteopathic Medicine, Physician Assistant Program, and Physical Therapy Program, as well as residents of local hospitals. In all situations we treat the bodies in our lab with the utmost courtesy and respect.

Can I donate if I’m already an organ donor?

Yes, if you are an organ donor you can also register with us as a whole body donor. Of course the donation of organs to save lives always takes precedence over medical education, but if organ donation is not feasible at the time and conditions of one’s passing, whole body donation can allow you to still donate to a constructive cause.

What happens when students are done learning from my donation?

You will decide the disposition of your remains. Cremation follows shortly after coursework is completed, and your cremated remains will be returned to your family according to the prior agreement between us and you and your next of kin.

Each year our students lead a donor memorial service to recognize the enormous contributions of all our body donors, and any family or friends you specify will be invited to attend this special event. Of course their attendance is optional, and your identity, as well as those of any family members that choose to attend, are not disclosed to any in attendance.


Click here to access our donor form.


Contact us at:

Chris Colello

516 686 3957



Have further questions about body donation in New York? See the Associated Medical Schools of New York Anatomical Donations page for more information.