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Motion Capture and Field Kinetics

Biomechanical research often involves understanding the ways in which modern animals move. The
Department of Anatomy has several resources to facilitate the acquisition and analyzation of 2- and 3-d
movement data in humans and animals.

Major Equipment:
Name: ProAnalyst Motion Tracking Software
Description:. The 3-D professional software licenses of ProAnalyst (Xcitex, Inc.
http://www.xcitex.com/proanalyst-motion- analysis-software.php) allow for access to numerous tracking
and analyzation tools as well as to syncing video and data feeds.
Picture: Kinematic Resources Header.jpg
Field Kinematics
The Department of Anatomy has a collection of tools and instruments to aid in the collection of field-
based kinematic data. We also have a variety of tripods and camera mounting equipment.
Name: Back-Bone (http://back-bone.ca/) modified GoPro Hero 5 Pro cameras
Description: modified GoPro cameras that can accommodate a range of lens mounts and types
Picture: Field Kinematic Setup.jpg
Name: M12 and C-Mount lenses
Description: lenses ranging from fixed ~4 mm M12 lenses to varifocal 135 mm lenses
Picture: None
In collaboration with other departments on campus, we have access to a variety of other 3-D motion
capture laboratories: